RLS Middle School and V. Sattui Winery

The partnership between St. Helena’s RLS Middle School and V. Sattui Winery has been changing the lives of students in St. Helena for many years.

Every year, the eighth-grade class, teachers, parents and administrators descend on the winery for a career day.

rls-middle-school-and-v-sattui-winery-01The day begins with a story about immigration, the founding of the winery in 1885, Prohibition and the history of the family business. The students listen intently about how it takes a lot of hard work, passion and perseverance to be successful.

The students are broken up into groups and executives at the winery become the teachers. They make the connections between the education and the “real world.”

Presentations include

  • verbal and written communication bringing English and public speaking to life
  • product marketing shows how math and social science come together
  • income, profits and expenses helps the students understand the numbers and how to run a successful business
  • science and chemistry is the key to success in the winemaking department

This annual field trip is the highlight of the school year and may inspire students to start their own businesses in the future.


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