Adopt A School Invites Business Leaders to be Students at Napa’s Vintage High School

Vintage HSNapa, CA – 1/14/16 – Last month Adopt A School Napa County and Vintage High School administrators, teachers and students welcomed local business leaders to campus to learn about their career pathways program and see first-hand how young people in Napa are planning for the future and learning to become successful and contributing adults.

Dubbed “Crusher for a Day” after Vintage’s mascot, the goal of the event was to inspire local business leaders to get involved. The event’s success will create new partnerships where employees’ knowledge and expertise can be shared with students. “It was really great to get a behind the scenes look of what goes on at the school and I was extremely impressed by the student interaction in the classrooms. Kudos to the hard working teachers who often don’t get the recognition they so greatly deserve. It was also very nice to meet all of our fellow business colleagues and get some new perspectives on what is shaping up in the Napa community. Hopefully we can find a position or two for some of the students this coming season and most definitely over the summer” said attendee Jason Kipper, Founder of Heritage Eats in Napa.

Mike Pearson, Principal at Vintage agrees, “Vintage High School has over 1800 unique students and each one of them will find some kind of program or opportunity to engage with which was evident at the ‘Crusher for a Day’ event. We are grateful for the community members who took time out of their day to learn about a small sample of Vintage’s distinctive programs. Their interest and support of our school is invaluable. Vintage is a special place and we are eager to share what we do with others!”

Adopt A School program coordinator Karen Zimolzak believes the success of this event will lead to future events at other high schools in Napa County. “I am so proud of what Vintage High School presented to leaders in our community. The career pathways program, students and teachers were impressive and everyone who participated left inspired.”

Interested businesses can visit Adopt A School’s newly launched website to view more examples of exciting partnerships and learn about opportunities to get involved and make a difference.

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